System Error

Error Message # 26102009imANidiot

The following blog posting: I love you, you, & you (but mostly me) has been removed from this site for the following reason: TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.

Below are the details of the error report:

  • Irreparable communication errors stemming from a stubborn refusal to listen to many hints that if any more obvious would have slapped your stupid ass in the face
  • Jumping too quickly into shallow and unrealistic conclusions
  • Distance, distance, distance that can’t be crossed by bike, half-dead car, or runner’s legs
  • Mismatched priorities
The above errors have led to the following: PARTIAL SYSTEM SHUTDOWN

To fix this problem, please carefully follow these instructions:
  • Listen to music that confirms your sadness
  • Listen to music that confirms that men are douchebags
  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Swim in the ocean until when you lay down to sleep at night, your arms feel wiggly like they're still under the influence of the waves
  • Run until your legs hurt
  • Call your number two and kiss him

We wish someone would apologize for the extreme inconvenience this error has caused and also promise to make sure it will never, ever happen again.

Thank You
System Administrator


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