An Introduction/An Invitation

First and foremost, a question: If your pussy could talk, what would it say? I hope to make this blog a long list of answers to that question. Okay, let's backtrack a bit. I have a friend who has a daughter who is about seven years old and her daughter calls her vagina, and indeed all vaginas, Lola. What a fantastic name. A name that conjures up the image of a self-assured woman laughing loudly and sagely with her head thrown back. The name gives voice to a part of the female body that has historically been silenced. And for many women of color, our pussies have not just been silenced, but violently gagged; our lips have been duct-taped shut.

Lola is ripping the duct tape from her lips and screaming her opinion. And she doesn't give a fuck what you think. Lola speaks in whispers that tickle your ears and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention. She doesn't scream because she doesn't need to. You listen because you want to, de hecho, you need to. You strain your ears to hear her seductive susurration because you want to be wise like her.

This is the official introduction/invitation to Lola Speaks!. I hope you enjoy my blog and post constructive, intelligent, and progressive comments. Don't be ignorant; it's so unattractive.



vesh said...

im a fan. saw the piece in nerve. then insta-bookmarkt. love a woman who can quip. and now ive gotten to know your body. of work.

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